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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the waiting list work?
  • There are separate waiting lists for each type of housing/floor plans and applicants may apply for numerous lists.

  • Applicants are called in the order their application was received. (Exception: Applicants for Subsidized Rental Units are called in order of need.)

  • Applicants who decline a unit are moved to the bottom of that particular list, but their standing on other lists is not affected.
Click here to check your Life Lease waiting list status.

How long are the waiting lists?

These currently vary on average upwards from 5 years. Factors include the number of applicants, the number of actual suites, and of course the number of vacancies that occur.

May I change suites once I live at Bethany?

Yes. Residents who request an internal move are placed on an internal moving list. They are required to cover costs including restoration costs, loss of revenue (rent/operating fees), and a $600 administration fee. Requests for internal moves are honored in the order they are received. Vacancies on any particular waiting list will be filled alternately with internal and external applicants.

What is the Move-In Procedure?

Click here for Bethany's Moving In Procedures.

Do you have to be Mennonite to live at Bethany?

No. Applicants must be age 55 and able to live independently or with assistance in designated areas.

Is smoking allowed at Bethany?

No. Smoking is not allowed in suites or common areas.

Are pets permitted at Bethany?


Do you have gift ideas?

Yes! Gift cards are available for:
  • Meals
  • Corner Nook
Phone the Office at (306) 242-9019.

Are there any special instructions for Moving Out?

Click here for Bethany's Moving Out Procedures.